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All Hallow's Eve: Sparkling Wine Dinner @ The Capitol Diner 

Featuring one of Boston's most badass Pastry Chefs: Giselle Miller (@urbansucrose) of Cafe Art Science in Cambridge 

We will be pouring seven sparkling wines from Champagne to Italian Franicortia to lesser known bubbles from new world producers. Our various styles of bubbles will highlight Nightshade's Vietnamese inspired flavors while showcasing each producers vinification and wine style.

The menu will remain a secret for now, but we will give you a couple clues...

-we may have been very inspired by Famous Monsters when working on this menu.

-your waitstaff and cooks may be undead.

-we won't serve brains unless you ask.

-we will only serve fancy innards.

15% off Early Bird Discount for this event starts today and ends on 10/8. Use promo code ZOMBIEBUBBLES when purchasing your tickets. The diner is small and we can only fit 20 people per seating so snatch up your tickets while you can!!

**and as always, allergy and preference requests may be submitted up to 72 hours in advance.

See you soon,

Rachel & Kelsey