Pop Up Info + Tickets

PSA! As of September there will be at least TWO POP UPS PER MONTH!! 

All info will be found via the box office link below. Here is just a quick scoop of what we have planned for this month.

NEXT UP! Viet-Cajun Crawfish Exclusive

When: Sunday, September 16th @ 6:30pm

Where: Capitol Diner, 431 Union Street in Downtown Lynn (right outside the Central Square Commuter Rail) 

Your $45 ticket includes:

A COMPLIMENTARY COCKTAIL: remember the Privateer Rum Punch from our birthday party? Shes making a comeback. 

SUPPER: a mouth-watering sack of Viet-Cajun-style Crawfish (with corn and potatoes) AND a street-food-style Rice Paper Salad w/ green mango, beef jerky, peanuts and herbs. 


LATER THIS MONTH! We will be revamping our usual last-Sunday dinners.

When: Sunday, September 30th. Several reservation times available (via the box office link below)

Where: OUR NEW SEMI-PERMANENT HOME @ Christopher's Cafe, 2 Lewis Street in Lynn

Your $55 ticket includes a 3 course menu for $55. 

*for those of you who loved the four course format, or would go for even more, there will be a Supplements Menu available including luxury/labor intensive ingredients we can’t afford to incorporate into the ticket price- like truffles, foie gras, certain oysters and dungeness crab. These items will range from $3-$40ish. You know, for in case you’re feeling *EXTRA*.

The menu is usually released one week before the event date. Since this is kind of a big deal we are going to release in 2 weeks from the date, on September 16th.  SCROLL DOWN FOR A SAMPLE MENU

Same rules apply for each and every event: 

-Please notify us of any real food allergies/restrictions at least 48 hours in advance. 

-If you and your guests don't purchase your tickets together, please email info@nightshadens.com and let us know who you would like to sit with so we can work that into the seating chart.

-Get loose, relax, try new things and let us take care of you. 

        See you soon!

        -The Nightshade Gals

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