Pop Up Info + Tickets

NEXT UP: May 28, 2018


Did you miss us? We missed you. But GUESS WHAT! Our next pop up is gonna be *extra* special! We're getting off the North Shore to do this collaborative dinner with a couple of our very good friends. 

         CITY PEEPS! (and our fellow suburbanites) DON'T MISS THIS ONE!! 

DATE: June 24th

TIME: 2 4-Course Dinner Seatings at 4:45 + 7pm // Why are the seatings so spread out?? Because 9 of you will have the chance to hop in a van with Tyler and trek to the woods to learn a bit about wild foods!! We'll get to that part later.

SPOT: Field & Vine, in Union Square, Somerville


Brian Mercury! You know, the famous Brian Mercury, pastry wizard extraordinaire, who creates the most gorgeous plates for his ever-evolving menus. Brian focuses on seasonal ingredients and locality (and wild foods). THAT BRIAN MERCURY.

If you happen to be unfamiliar, fix that immediately and check him out ---> @mercurybrian

Tyler Akabane! (AKA "The Mushroom Dude") Tyler supplies foraged goodness for every single one of our pop ups, but since this time of year means many more wild treats to offer, we're teaming up with the master nature lover to take you on an optional pre-dinner FORAGING ADVENTURE, and we're also gonna cook with a ton of whatever Mother Nature sends his way. It's gonna be WILD (get it?).

If you happen to be unfamiliar with Tyler---> check out @mushroomsformyfriends

Olmstead Wine! Lauren is teaming up with her friends over at Olmstead Wine Co. to bring you the freshest in natural wine pairings! Native grapes, traditional winemaking, NO WEIRD CHEMICALS. Yum. 


-You have the option to purchase two tickets this time, ONE ticket for the foraging walk with Tyler, and ONE ticket for dinner. You DO NOT have to go on the foraging walk (but walk tickets are limited, so if you're into it, snap it up!). There will be one walk before EACH dinner seating. 

-If you choose the 4:45 dinner seating, check in at 4:30 and enjoy a complimentary splash of something special while we get everyone settled.

-Dinner will start promptly at 4:45, please don't be late! (plan ahead for parking!)

-If you choose the 7pm seating, please arrive by 6:45 for (you guessed it!) your complimentary glass of something special while everyone gets settled. 

-and you guessed this too!! Dinner starts right at 7pm, so please don't be late!! 

DINNER TICKETS INCLUDE: a glass of something special while you chill, 3 savory courses from Rachel, 1 dessert from Brian + a *surprise takeaway*! Each course will be featuring wild foods available at the time of the dinner, in our Vietnamese-inspired, seafood-focused, wonderment-filled type of way. These tickets are NOT gratuity included. 

**we know that sometimes tickets are gratuity included and sometimes they aren't. Sorry for the confusion, but please understand the nature of our business throws many different variables at us for each event, and we want to make sure our staff is compensated for their awesome work!

WALK TICKETS INCLUDE: a ride in a van with strangers into the woods! But seriously: a fully insured vehicle and driver will take you all with Tyler to the Fells to invigorate your senses and get you excited about wild foods before embarking on your dinner journey. The van will also bring you back to the restaurant in time for dinner. The walk will be for 1 hour, not including travel time, and it will happen RAIN OR SHINE! This is an educational walk, so eat at your own risk! (We'll have waivers for everyone to sign in advance, of course.)

**any wild food items served at the event will be from certified vendors (just like Tyler) all invoiced, safe and legal. 

WINE SERVICE IS SEPARATE AND PAID FOR ONSITE. The pairing for this dinner will be $40. 

         You will notice 4 ticket types. One for each seating and one for each walk w/ Tyler. Please select the walk that                   immediately precedes the dinner you plan to attend.


The menu will be released in the usual Nightshade fashion- 1 week before the event date. As usual, for teasers and additional info be sure to check in with us @nightshadepopup. Check out last month's menu below!


Same Rules Apply: 

Please notify us of any real food allergies/restrictions at least 72 hours in advance. (wink)

If you and your guests don't purchase your tickets together, please email info@nightshadens.com and let us know who you would like to sit with so we can work that into the seating chart. (wink)

Get loose, relax, try new things and let us take care of you. (wink)

        See you soon!

        -The Nightshade Gals

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